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Our Approach

Career Focus and Strategy:

We believe in developing a clear career focus and strategy before initiating a job search campaign. For some clients, this may involve gaining fresh insights through formal and informal assessment methods, while other clients may focus immediately on a highly targeted job search. At EDI, our consultants are trained to provide clients with formal and informal assessment of their personal and professional career assets. This learning process may include a comprehensive clinical and historical career analysis, and multi-sourced feedback from references. Often, we introduce clients to our network of executive search experts and other job networking sources as an additional means for gathering important career, resume and interview feedback. When appropriate, we also conduct and interpret a range of written tests to measure interests, traits, values and interpersonal skills.

Personal Marketing & Networking:

Building on a clear career focus and strategy, our senior team helps clients develop a tailored personal marketing and job search plan. Our consultants work closely with clients to develop a highly selected list of companies and opportunities to pursue. We then develop a contact list of key individuals drawn from our client’s network and our vast array of contacts. Driven by the needs of the client, next steps may include developing a tailored resume and cover letters, developing references, and conducting targeted mailings using research tools such as SearchSelect, OneSource, as well as our proprietary list of executive search firms.

At EDI we believe the key to managing careers is to build an extensive network of professional colleagues and to effectively manage those relationships. For all clients, regardless of career objectives, the most critical element of the personal marketing and job search process is developing and executing a personal networking strategy. Our senior staff assists each client in building an extensive network, offering personal introductions, regularly scheduling client networking meetings, and adding new networking referrals from our array of former clients and associates.

The depth and diversity of our staff allows us to offer extensive personal networks in multiple industries. For clients looking to launch a new business venture, we provide unique “initial stage” services including defining business concepts, preparing and refining business plans, conducting market research, and introducing clients to investors. We also collaborate with clients to develop “portfolio career options,” which might include concurrent activities such as teaching, consulting and volunteering.


Our consultants assist most clients with pre-interview research and strategy and often schedule preliminary interviews with executive search experts and industry contacts to gain fresh insights and feedback on our clients’ interviewing strengths and weaknesses. We process and evaluate each interview to sharpen the client’s skill and refine his/her transition strategy.

Negotiating an Offer:

Throughout the assessment, marketing and job search process, our clients often receive a variety of job opportunities and offers. Our career management consultants provide an objective sounding board and assist in evaluating the “fit” with the client’s long-and short-term career objectives. When the “right” opportunity is presented, we provide proven negotiation strategies and tactics to help bring the offer package to the desired level. Our consultants are familiar with a wide variety of compensation and benefits packages and options and maintain extensive executive compensation data by industry.

Executive Onboarding:

As part of our executive transition services, EDI also offers onboarding to ensure the candidate’s successful transition to the new opportunity. We provide professional advice and guidance to each candidate in navigating the waters of their new situations. This can involve helping the candidate assess the new organization’s culture and the opportunities to accelerate learning for early wins, negotiate success criteria with the boss, and build coalitions to achieve alignment. In short, this will help the candidate get off to a “right start.”

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