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Executive Transition

At EDI, we specialize in custom solutions. Our extensive experience guiding executives through transition has proven that pre-packaged, commodity solutions neither foster genuine growth nor adequately address critical issues. Throughout the process of assessment, analysis of alternative solutions, career planning, and implementation, our clients are assured of intensive personal service and involvement from all members of our consulting staff.

When assessment is appropriate, our professionals employ a full array of resources to help each client build the foundation for new or renewed career growth. When assessment is not appropriate, we immediately partner with each client to create a tailored marketing strategy and job search plan. Building on each client’s personal network, our team introduces clients to our vast network of industry leaders, venture capitalists, search firms, and former clients. Our steadfast commitment to personalized solutions and client satisfaction has produced a powerful, wide-ranging network of business contacts and associations that are regularly called on to assist us in our work. At the same time, we also conduct extensive research to create customized lists of target contacts to fit each client’s specific career objectives. From our initial interview until the final job offer package is negotiated, every client enjoys full access to each member of our senior professional staff and every service we provide.

As part of our approach, we provide guidance with career focus and strategy, personal marketing and networking, interviewing, negotiating an offer, and getting off to a good start.

In summary, we are committed to more than just helping our clients find the next career opportunity; we are committed to helping our clients find the right opportunity, and ensure success.

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