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Executive Destinations

Guiding Individual & Organizational Effectiveness & Growth

About EDI

EDI is a firm devoted to guiding executives to maximize their effectiveness. We are an accomplished team of organizational consultants, working together to provide executives with guidance and insight to meet their individual and organizational needs. We have utilized our core capabilities in the assessment area to provide high quality services in both executive coaching and executive transition.

The key to our success is our customized assessment process, which provides our clients with the first step towards a clear understanding of their challenges and opportunities for development growth. Our leadership experts also excel at creating and participating in the development of a tailored strategy and plan for implementation.

Our Approach

We carefully select our methods and processes to meet our clients’ needs. We work with our clients as a collaborative partner providing an unyielding focus and commitment in achieving results.

Working exclusively one-on-one, we dedicate the time and resources necessary to foster each client’s long-term growth and success.

By carefully limiting the number of executives with whom we work, our senior level consultants are able to devote extraordinary personal service to every client. We work closely with each executive to provide the right mix of personal assessment and organizational focus.

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